Steve Liscinsky portrait

Steve Liscinsky

Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Steve works closely with solar contractors to ensure that GoodLeap continues to evolve and advance its world-class contractor and borrower experience. Steve also looks for new integration partnerships and financing opportunities that will leverage GoodLeap's technology platform. In his previous role as Chief Technology Officer at GoodLeap, Steve oversaw the build of a world class consumer finance platform, which proved key to helping GoodLeap become the largest residential solar financing company.

He and his team produced a proprietary automated underwriting system, a loan origination system, a contractor portal as well as other custom software to support GoodLeap's growing suite of frictionless lending options. Steve has over 20 years of success delivering business value and technology solutions across multiple industries and business functions.

Prior to his current role as CIO at GoodLeap, Steve served as CTO for CustomerLink Systems , COO & CTO of Latch, and VP of Product Development for SBM Site Services and was instrumental in building scalable technologies to support rapid growth.