Tanguy Serra portrait

Tanguy Serra

Strategic Advisor

Tanguy is a Strategic Advisor to GoodLeap. Having previously served as the company's President and Chief Financial Officer, he oversaw GoodLeap's overall financial and investment activities, including capital markets, financial planning, and strategic investor partnerships.

Tanguy is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at GoodFinch, an ESG investment management platform uniquely focused on home-efficiency fixed income securities that benefit the planet, while delivering high-performing assets to investors.

Tanguy has extensive experience across capital markets, clean energy, and financial technology. He previously worked in investment banking at Merrill Lynch and at Morgan Stanley in London. He went on to serve nearly a decade as Vice President of the private equity group at TPG Capital in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and San Francisco -- establishing a successful track record of delivering growth through market cycles across various sectors.

Driven by deep conviction around the unit economics of renewable energy, Tanguy left private equity to launch Vivint Solar in 2010. Adopting a first principles approach, he built the company from scratch, personally installing Vivint's first rooftop solar system in Utah. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of global supply chains and manufacturing cost curves, Tanguy successfully scaled Vivint to become the 2nd largest residential solar provider in the U.S.

In 2013, Tanguy was recruited as the Chief Operating Officer at SolarCity. Alongside Hayes Barnard, Tanguy helped SolarCity become the largest residential solar provider in the world - achieving unmatched residential solar origination volume, while maintaining the industry's best safety and quality track record, as well as lowest cost structure.

Tanguy's work is propelled by the belief that climate change is not only humanity's greatest challenge, but also the greatest investment opportunity in history. He helped launch GoodLeap in 2018, bringing expertise in leveraging existing financial systems to solve global problems, while delivering prosperity and democratizing access to essential resources.

Tanguy is a relentless problem solver, avid board game player, and enduring optimist about human innovation. Born and raised in Paris, France, he currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and three children. Tanguy serves on the board of San Francisco's University High School and is currently upgrading a 1894 Victorian home to be highly energy efficient.