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Life, Earth, and Prosperity

Loanpal is now GoodLeap

The name Loanpal served us well as we grew to become America’s leading residential solar financier. Now, our shift to GoodLeap signifies our expansion into a broader sustainable solutions marketplace. We unite a constellation of business partners, consumers, and financial institutions on our platform, enabling them to prosper while caring for the planet.

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What We Do

GoodLeap is a sustainable home solutions marketplace.

We provide simple, fast, and frictionless point-of-sale technology for countless mission-driven professionals, connecting billions of capital to millions of people who want to upgrade their homes, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money.

Brand Meaning

Our new name and logo represent the infinite amount of positivity that our collaborative work brings to the world.

We are forever grateful to be connected with all of our partners within the GoodLeap ecosystem that are helping to achieve our world-positive mission.

GoodLeap meaning
The Continuum of Good

The Continuum of Good

The Conscious Collective sits at the center of this Continuum and includes our customers, partners, capital providers, as well as the countless people we serve across the globe through our partnership with GivePower.

The Continuum of Good
The Continuum of Good

Together, we are accelerating the movement toward a sustainable future for all of humanity.

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For Partners

We want to make sure that our rebrand to GoodLeap is seamless for your business. Please reference our Brand Book and Updated Logo Pack to ensure use of our assets is compliant.

API and Proposal Tool Integrations will be unaffected by the rebrand (all endpoints are staying the same).

We’d like for our partners to update any borrower - facing collateral that mentions Loanpal to reflect the new branding. As always, you’ll need to get our approval before publishing or using our logo. Any changes to prior approved materials will need to be re-approved.

Please email your collateral changes to, copying your partner marketing or business development contact and allow for a 3-5 business day turnaround.

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Download GoodLeap Pros

We’ve updated our app for sales professionals!

GoodLeap Pros is a powerful tool that drives the payment application process from beginning to end, all from the convenience of a mobile device. Instantly compare rates, submit documents, and get approved in seconds.

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