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GoodLeap Surpasses $10 Billion in Financing for Sustainable Home Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 09, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GoodLeap, America's leading digital marketplace for sustainable solutions, today announced it has exceeded $10 billion in funding for residential solar and sustainable home improvement loans financed through the company's platform. This milestone achievement comes less than four years after GoodLeap launched its proprietary financing technology, with more than $4.8 billion financed to date in 2021 alone.

"For the first time ever, there is an alignment of interest and opportunity in our sector. Consumers are embracing sustainability while often saving money, installers are gaining purpose while growing their profits, and financial institutions are deploying record amounts of capital into responsible, carbon-reducing solutions," said Hayes Barnard, Founder, Chairman and CEO of GoodLeap. "In our ecosystem, everybody wins."

GoodLeap's frictionless point-of-sale technology is actively used by 18,000 professionals serving homeowners who seek to live more sustainably. The company's marketplace equips businesses with the digital tools they need to finance sustainable home products at scale, including the ability to seamlessly bundle multiple products into a single loan. The technology supports a broad suite of sustainable products such as solar power, battery storage, smart home devices, modern HVAC systems, energy efficient windows, upgraded roofing, and much more. Sustainable home upgrades represent an estimated $430 billion annual market opportunity in the United States alone.

Added Tanguy Serra, President and Chief Investment Officer for GoodLeap: "We designed our end-to-end open software platform around simple fundamentals: speed, transparency, and a frictionless user experience. Historically, it would have taken hours to sell a sustainable home product using pamphlets and credits cards. Today, it takes a few minutes with GoodLeap technology -- from the convenience of a phone or tablet. Leveraging best-in-class software will enable us to accelerate the adoption of solutions needed to address our environmental crisis."

In October, GoodLeap announced a $800 million fundraise led by MSD Partners, with funds managed by BDT Capital Partners, LLC, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP and additional investors. The secondary transaction brought on board new strategic investors and will support the company's focus on technology innovation and further expansion into the broader market for sustainable home improvement and other carbon-reducing products.

About GoodLeap

GoodLeap is America's leading digital marketplace for sustainable solutions, delivering a technology-driven financing experience that is simple, fast, and frictionless. The company's proprietary point-of-sale platform is actively used by more than 18,000 home improvement professionals, creating an efficient channel for financial institutions to deploy capital in high-performing ESG assets. GoodLeap has mobilized over $19 billion financing for sustainable upgrades since 2018, empowering countless consumers to live a more sustainable lifestyle. GoodLeap is a proud partner of GivePower, an international nonprofit organization committed to deploying solar-powered clean water and clean energy systems to communities in need around the world. To learn more about GoodLeap, visit, follow and connect with us at


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